Early Years at the Long Home


33.5″ x 27.25″ Framed, Pastel Original: $3,800  SOLD
“A grand lady sits on a parcel of land just off of N. West End Ave.  As a child, I would look across at her from my grandmother’s house who lived on the opposite corner.  Even then the structure captivated me and in my child-like mind, I imagined it was called The Long Home because it was so long.  In actuality a local wealthy family; the Longs (whose home is the current Hamilton Club) provided the property and income in 1905 to erect the Long Home.   It was to house genteel and respectable women over 45 who had, through some misfortune, found themselves without any options.  I wanted to portray the Home in its infancy; newly-built with its first female residents.  Rendered in oil pastels, I chose a sepia-toned palette in an attempt to capture a vintage era.”  -Liz

19″ x 14.25″ Archival Giclee Print on Paper: $65

5″ x 7″ Archival, Giclee Note Card (blank inside) w/envelope: $5.50

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