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While sight seeing in Lancaster and eyeing your Capital and Cherry Blossom painting, I am so glad it drew us into your shop. Your paintings are exquisite. They inspire me, to paint and see more of the world. I am so glad I got to visit with you too.
Where can I find more of your cat series? I love the red umbrella series.
Jo Nell and Al

— Jo Nell Tyson



I just browsed your online collection, and am captivated by your style. I will be making a trip to your gallery very soon to see you work in person.


— Jef Kaufhold


Hej Lizz!
Önskar dig en god fortsättning på det nya året.
Roligt att se och läsa om dig och hur bra det går för dig med ditt gallery. Mycket fina tavlor som du gjort – fantastiskt bra!

Jag har ju nåra tavlor av dig sedan Jokkmokks tiden. Nyligen ramade jag in några aspen löv som legat länge i en byrå. Det blev en fin tavla.
Sedan har jag tavlan med vintermotiv från Juggijaure som jag fick av försmalingen när jag fyllde 40 år.

Detta år fyller både Barbro och jag 60 år. Barbro fyller den 23 januari och jag den 29 sept.
Vi kommer att slå ihop våra kalas och fira i början av juli.
2014 flög vi till LA och hyrde bil och åkte runt i 9 delstater och besökt 7 nationalparker.
Hälsade även på Darwin i Sandpoint och fick bo i hans fina hus 2 nätter. En helt otrolig resa med många fina bilder. Sommaren 2015 köpte jag en ny kamer Samsung NX1 och följde med David och Simon till Israel. Vi hyrde bil och åkte runt i hela landet. Det var starka upplevelser att besöka de platser där Jesus vandrat och bott.
Skulle vara väldigt roligt att besöka dig i Lancster och se ditt hem och ditt galleri.

Vi önskar dig Guds rika välsignelse och fortsatt lycka med ditt konstnärskap.

Från Lars-Göran Hannler och Barbro

— Lars-Göran Hannler


Hi Liz,

I just visited your sister’s frame/art shop in Englewood. She is very proud of you and rightfully so! I enjoyed your work so much! You sure gave me the permission to poohoo the idea of painting in only one style….giving ourselves credibility… HA! ….
So……do you eat? Travel? Anything other than paint? WOW! You are one busy lady…very impressive….thank you for the inspiration!
I love your work….and I must go, so I can start painting.

Sincerely inspired,

— Candice


Hello Liz,
We so much enjoyed visiting your gallery today. Every piece of art work is outstanding! The “red umbrella” collection is eye catching and unique. Keep up the beautiful work and come visit NC soon. PS..enjoyed the Mennonite exhibit too! – Mike & Terri

— Mike & Terri Rhodes


I came into your gallery on October’s first friday…I love love love your red umbrella collection. Especially the ones with nuns in them and Party Line=) God shines through your work making it even more meaningful.

— Gretal Ulrich


Hello Liz,

Let me start by saying I am in love with your artwork, especially the “red umbrella” travels! I just ordered 4 notecards, Lion Fountain on King, Central Market, Musser Park, and East Vine St. All very close to my heart. I grew up on the east end of Lanc and spent many days playing at Musser Park and Reservoir Park and still make trips to Central Market when I get back for my yearly visits. My Dad grew up on East Vine so I am especially excited for that card. Your “red umbrella” pictures are so beautiful and clever!! I will be framing these and am looking forward to having a little bit on Lancaster right here in my home in Texas but Lancaster will always be “home”. I will stop by your studio next visit home. Keep on painting and making the world a more beautiful place…maybe red umbrellas in Texas! LOL!
Sincerely, Bonnie

— Bonnie Schmitt


Älskade Liz.
Hittade att brev i min pärm, som vi fick av Dej under den tiden vi bodde i Jokkmokk jag och Lilly.
Jag har förr läst på din hemsida bilden av mina barnbarn Emelie och Johnatan, men nu har jag inte kunnat läsa på hemsidan, men skall söka bättre.
Elsie, som min nuvarande fru heter, hon fick ett brev av Zara och Josef Gustafsson som Du träffade under jul och nyårshelgen. De hade visst besökt Ditt galleri och träffat Din mor.
Jag skriver mer senare om några dagar

— Lars-Olof Svanström


Dear Liz,
I just wanted to send a quick email. I was walking through downtown Lancaster today and I was fortunate enough to stop in your gallery and look around.
I just wanted to say I love your art. Your work is beautiful and you are now my favorite artist in Lancaster. I’ll be stopping by your gallery again soon.
God Bless,
- Dan

— Liz Hess



The Vatican

Dear Liz,
I do hope you are watching the Vatican pictures–umbrellas
being at their most poignant.
I always say “Hi Liz Hess” whenever I see a Red umbrella.
The voting for the new Pope has to be the best theatre ever.
I am not a catholic but I am mesmerised.

Lots of Love, Jeanne Beaumont, an ardent fan of LIZ HESS.

03/13/13 2:19 PM
I stumbled upon your work online and, for the first time ever,
am MOVED by it all; especially the Red Umbrella series and
your various paintings of Paris. Thank you for your beautiful work.

Phyllis Snyder

12/20/12 10:48 AM
Every time I enter your shop I want to purchase just about
all your paintings. I have two of your canvas prints of birds,
and now I am getting you to do for me two more. I am glad
you are in Lancaster. My husband and I go to your gallery
every 1st Friday. I also have in my house a lot of your cards
framed, and they look so beautiful. I get so many compliments
from these images you designed. Thanks Liz .

-Linda Beveridge

10/17/12 5:29 PM
From London

Liz – we love you so much. Your red umbrella is all over our home in England.
We recently purchased a signed red umbrella from you and now that we are
back in England we know exactly where it will go on the wall – fanned so that
visitors can see your signature. However, we will need to commission two
small prints to go with the umbrella. We really are running out of wall space
over here as our houses are not as big as those in the USA. You are all over
our house – we simply cannot get enough of Liz Hess over here in England.

Love and best wishes Trevor and Jean, London

10/04/12 6:01 PM

Dear Liz Hess,
Just want to say how much I enjoy your Red Umbrella collection.
I was introduced to you by my Lancastrian friend Patricia Ruth and
ever since then, I have introduced my own Red Umbrella into photos
when they were approriate. The latest one was a Street Pride Barbeque
and yes it did rain, but we Brits can do rain.
Thank you for the magic of your pictures. I particularly love the Paris
pictures, Paris being such a romantic city.

My very best regards
Jeanne Beaumont

08/15/12 10:08 PM
Luv Luv Luv your paintings! My prayer is that someday I
will own one…you have a SPECIAL GIFT…thanks for sharing it!

Christine Palmieri

05/08/12 1:55 PM

I”ve been a customer of your family’s frame store in Englewood, FL.
I recently purchased several of your greeting cards – I LOVE them,
especially the “red umbrella” series with the Corgi! We, of course,
have a Corgi too. Anyway, I love the depictions of Paris and all your
different works – thank you for your incredible talent!

Christine Griffith, Englewood, Florida

01/09/12 11:04 AM
Hi Liz,

A few weeks ago I was in town and my parents and I visited your amazing
gallery on Prince Street. I fell in love with every piece. I’m not an artist
myself, but it was just what I needed. I was in town for not the brightest
moment of my life. Sadly my grandfather had passed and I came to say
goodbye. In that dark moment your warm, inviting, and intriguing
paintings gave me some peace. Thank you for that.
We will be back!


11/25/11 11:14 AM

After spending some time on your website this evening, I am even more
excited and thankful to have encountered you, your work, the gallery
and your team. Thank you for your dedication to developing the gifts
our heavenly Father has given to you. Your vision gives me lasting joy.

M. B. Gebelein

09/16/11 11:25 PM

We were surprised when we opened the latest Mt. Gretna newsletter
and saw your pastel of a Mt. Gretna Cottage–which turns out to be
OUR cottage! You captured the magic of our home at night, and we
are pleased that you were inspired to make it the subject of one of
your latest pieces.

Mary & David, Mt. Gretna, PA

08/03/11 10:29 AM

Have been sitting watching your work for a long time now.
You have an amazing gift, painting so many different things.
Everything is so beautiful and full of life!
Blessings to you Liz!

E. Hammarberg, Sweden

08/02/11 3:57 PM
Hi Liz,

I had a chance to look at your web site and your collections. Your art and
poetry are simply wonderful. The Quiet Collection is quite inspirational. I
love your style and your story of the red umbrella. It is clear from the
testimonials that you have moved so many people with your art.

Karen, Reading, PA

07/02/11 7:11 PM


Your paintings have a voice all of their own, and I appreciate
having met you in Sweden and knowning the inspiration
of your life behind your paintings as you created them.
Thanks Liz.

Bojan, Seoul, South Korea

06/06/11 10:28 AM

I wandered into your art gallery, Friday and was amazed by what I saw.
You are an amazing artist. I fell in love with a painting “First Dance”.
The way the couple looks together in the falling snow gives me a sense
of peace. I am very interested in your work, I looked at a lot more of your
work online and all of your work is so amazing! You are very talented.

Thanks, Leanne.

06/03/11 9:38 PM
Beautiful work, Liz!

My daughter thinks you’re amazing, too!
Lee-Anna (Stavenjord) Klassen, British Columbia

03/14/11 4:16 PM


I just wanted to compliment your newest work, based on your trip to Ireland.
I always love your pieces. They provoke a feeling of a certain atmosphere that
I wish I could experience in person. For those of us who will probably never
get to go to these places, your paintings bring them to you. I hope one day
to be able to purchase one of your beautiful paintings. I also really love your
horse paintings. Thank you for bringing something beautiful to Lancaster.


10/10/10 4:16 PM
Kennett Square

Hi, Liz! I live in Chadds Ford, PA, and I just discovered your work last week at a
gallery in Kennett Square. I was immediately drawn to your work, fell instantly
in love with your notecards and purchased most of them, I think :o) ! Just wanted
to say I love your art and will return to the Kennett Sqaure gallery to purchase another
bundle of your cards soon! I also hope to visit your gallery in Lancaster in the future.

Mary Tipping

06/30/10 1:28 PM


After visiting your gallery and viewing your work, we decided to ask you to paint
our dog “Max” as a gift for our two teenage boys. When we received the paintings,
we were absolutely overjoyed! You captured his face and features perfectly and
we are so happy to have the paintings as part of our family collection. You are
incredibly gifted and we were lucky to find your gallery during our visit to F & M.

With sincere thanks, The Schutzman Family, Connecticut

02/21/10 2:23 PM

Hi Liz,

I grew up in Lancaster and recently moved to London. My parents gave
me one of your prints (The Belvedere Inn – as it’s my favorite restaurant
and part of Lancaster!) for Christmas and I absolutely love it. I believe the
Thames painting will be next (along with a long list of others)! I even told
my husband we would need to go to Paris and Venice ASAP so I would
have an ‘excuse’ to buy some of those paintings of yours, as well.
Thanks so much!

Best Wishes,

01/05/10 1:09 PM

Dear Liz,

I can’t begin to tell you how surprised I was to learn that my husband
commissioned you for a beautiful work of art. Your talent is beyond words.
It brought tears to my eyes. I consider myself “very lucky” to have one of your
pieces which I have wanted for so long. Please know how thrilled I am.
You made my Christmas.

Sincerely, Regina Karshin

12/27/09 1:33 PM

Dear Liz,

I just do not have the words to tell you how much my daughter loved her painting.
It is her favorite present of all times. You made her very happy and I thank you.
I hope you had a nice Christmas!


12/26/09 1:32 PM

Hi Liz,

Having one of your original creations and also a giclee print bring
me great joy. You and Freiman are favorites of mine and I wish
you both every happiness. Love, love, love your website.


11/10/09 9:48 PM

Alaskan Cruise

Hey Liz…this is the first time I took a minute and looked at your website.
We ate breakfast with you on the Infinity cruise ship the morning after the
comedian show, and the man at our table said he didn’t want any bread
and his wife told the waiter “Yes he does”…we looked at each other and
laughed. Your gallery it so beautiful – don’t know if you remember – I said
my daughter was an art major and so far was not making a living with her
degree :( Anyway – sounds like you have done some amazing art and I
would love to visit the gallery one day. Nice to meet you.


10/14/09 8:38 PM

Tonight was my first time out for First Friday in Lancaster.
I thoroughly enjoyed your work…especially the “Rain in the Square”. I was
all the more impressed to find you on the web and to read that you grew up
as an MK (as did my husband) and have carried on that legacy in your own
way in the Arctic. What a beautiful gift God has given you…thank you
or sharing it so incredibly! I look forward to next year’s work from
Ireland. May God continue to bless you richly.


09/05/09 1:45 PM

Hi Liz,

I was reading Fine Living Lancaster Magazine and came across an article
about The Mint, a local rock band. The lead singer, Jonathan Decker, lists
Liz Hess Gallery as his favorite. He’s hip and about my age and loves your
gallery. Just thought you’d like to know!


08/19/09 9:35 AM


I have stopped in your gallery many times and love your work. I’ve been
looking for art for my bare walls and never found anything I just had to have.
But now I just have to have one of your dogs. Jan

08/18/09 7:56 PM

Greetings from Tennessee

My name is Tom Newson. I was up your way last year when Mary and Dick
were there.
As I am writing you, I’m chilln’ with your brother Dick and his family along with
my family in St. Augustine, Florida.
I enjoyed seeing your talents on canvas and the diversity in your work. I also
got to meet your brother Dan last year. Keep painting, as you really are a delight.

Tom Newson

05/23/09 3:56 PM

I’m a caregiver for Dan’s mother-in-law. Rosalene gave her a newsletter
from the school and an interview on you was in it. Very interesting. I had to
look up your site. Lovely. Your work is wonderful.
Janet Scott, Florida

05/23/09 9:06 AM

We are exicited with your new works!
We long to be with you and at your gallery!
All our best wishes to you!
With Love, Tamara & Valeriy Manzhulenko, Kiev, Ukraine

02/14/09 10:40 AM

Thanks for sharing the beauty of the world through your heart. Many of
your pieces have touched me deeply. Pauljay

01/15/09 10:37 AM

Hej kära syster Liz!

Jag läste just dina framgångsnyheter om Bon Ton och Chanel! GRATTIS i
efterskott! Underbart! Vi gläds med dig! Herrens välsignelse är över
och med dig, sannerligen! Många varma hälsningar från paltstaden i
norra Sverige :-)

from Benjamin’s father in Piteå, Sweden

12/20/08 10:34 AM

Hi Liz~

Last spring I had the pleasure of meeting you at Dutchland Galleries in Kitchen
Kettle Village. Although we haven’t met again since then, I want to congratulate
you on your recent achievement. On Saturday I read in the newspaper about your red
umbrella series being chosen to enhance the Bon-Ton re-opening this past weekend.
How wonderful for you! I hope this success will lead to grand opportunities for your
artistic career.

Best Regards, Diane Goble

10/12/08 12:40 PM
I just wanted to congratulate you on being chosen to be featured at the Bon-Ton and
with Chanel. It’s fantastic. I read about you in this morning’s paper and it piqued
my curiosity to take a look at your “Red Umbrella” series. They are fantastic.
Congratulations. From one local artist to another.
-Koran K.

10/11/08 12:28 PM

Dear Liz,

Your Red Umbrella series made me want to cry…last Friday was the first time I
had EVER attended a First Friday event. I admit that there were pieces in other
galleries that grabbed my attention, but NONE of those works moved me like your Red
Umbrella series. There was a point while viewing them that I envied this beautiful
life that you and your umbrella are living. I was captured into a world that I didn’t
want to leave. Your artwork really is breath-taking. Hope to see more of
your work next First Friday!

10/10/08 12:26 PM

Dear Liz,

I just felt moved to write you and tell you how much I enjoyed meeting you and
seeing your beautiful artwork in Mexico. I was very glad I visited the Spa during your
week there! (I attended your last class and was with Luna.)
I have been looking at your website and admiring more and more. I confess–I’m more
of a poster and notecard client at this time. Oddly speaking–if you ever visit the
Joshua Tree, CA area–(look up the National Park–it’s very unusual), contact me.
Our very small artist community is growing–other very lucrative art areas are Carmel
and Laguna as I’m sure you know.
I also noticed your inspirational cards–really lovely! Thanks again. Best wishes.
Sincerely, Janis Commentz, California

04/30/08 7:52 AM
Good afternoon!

I was introduced to your artwork thru Susquehanna Style magazine.
Your work is superb! I went to your website to view some of your
other work and I fell in love with it. The Red Umbrella collection is
phenomenal. My favorites are The Belvedere Inn & Dog Walk Couture.
I wish you much success. I am a true Lancastrian and I love
to see locals succeed in anything they do. Keep up the fantastic work!
Regards, Ponzell Thedford, Rockvale Outlets Lancaster

04/29/08 3:24 PM

“Dear Ms. Hess,
We liked seeing your paintings online. How did you get the idea of
painting red umbrellas? What kinds of paint do you use? We think
they are great! We are sending you some of the paintings we did of
people with red umbrellas. They are made with red tissue paper
and crayons. Mrs. Miller’s reading class, Virginia”

04/10/08 7:55 AM

This morning after doing a bit of housework, I decided to visit your
on-line Gallery. What a great break!! I so enjoy your work! From the
time I saw your first Red umbrella painting, I was impressed with your
ability and creativity in painting mist and fog, and I love all the places
you’ve gone with that. I do hope to visit your gallery in town sometime soon.
Elsie Beiler, Paradise, Pa.

03/28/08 1:08 PM

Hi Liz,

First of all, I hope you are keeping well. I am sure you must be
because your “Cats and Dogs” collection is amazing.
I received your card today of “The Beagles”. I am in love with it.
I have just tried calling to ask about a commission of The Beagles, but
got your voicemail. My message will probably sound garbled, but that’s due
to sheer excitement. That’s the effect of your work on me!
I have not too long ago logged on to your site. Very, very impressive,
I must say. I can’t have everything, but “The Beagles” is just simply
trendy/contemporary and would look so good behind the sofa in the living room.
Look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards.
Jean Jeffries, London, UK

03/27/08 4:23 PM

I was in a few months ago, when you had Swedish Moon in your window.
I can’t say I know much about art, but that picture was amazing, and I had
to stop in to see it. It was weeks later that I realized the work I had
admired at the Humane League months prior was also yours.
This month in Central PA magazine, I yet again saw your familiar pups.
Later that day, I got an e-mail from a friend inviting me to peruse First
Friday on April 4. Though I’ve only attended one First Friday, because I
just don’t get art, I visited your site before giving my answer.
I e-mailed my friend to tell her I’ll see her on April 4th.
Your work is so amazing that for some unknown, beyond-my-control reason,
my eyes welled up at the sheer beauty of some of your pieces.
Though I may never own any of your work, I am ABSOLUTELY thankful that you
do what you do.

-Anastasia Papadoplos, March 26, 2008

03/26/08 12:14 PM